The Top Things To Do In Lisbon, Portugal

26 May 2019

Portugal’s capital is a beautiful coastal city with a rich culture and history. What makes Lisbon unique is the way it amalgamates the old-fashioned and the modern into one thriving city full of interesting landmarks. There is plenty to see and do here, but just strolling on the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Coast and the Tagus Estuary is reason enough to visit this scenic metropolis.

Here are a few of the best destinations that you shouldn’t miss on a trip to Lisbon:

Tram 28

There is perhaps no better way to get a feel of the city than taking a ride on Tram 28. Apart from the fact that it is the most convenient way to traverse the steep and hilly streets of Lisbon, you will get a glimpse of a myriad of castles, majestic palaces and many other integral places of interest along the way.

Tram 28


This village near Lisbon is a charming destination that you simply cannot miss. Beautiful green hills are surrounding it, with enough castles and palaces to justify its reputation as a magical place. Beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, mouthwatering traditional food – this historic area has it all.

Sintra - Palace

Lisbon Oceanarium and the Pavilion of Knowledge

If you’re traveling with kids who may not be as enthusiastic about churches and museums as you, a visit to the Oceanarium is the perfect cure. Discover over 450 species of marine life, including penguins, jellyfish, sunfish, and sharks.

Pavilhao do Conhecimento (Pavilion of Knowledge) is another excellent spot for the kids, where they can participate in fun science experiments, have a suspended-bike ride and more. Kids and adults alike have a great time at this place.

The Belém Neighborhood

In this historically significant neighborhood, the Monastery of Jerónimos is a striking landmark near the Tagus River that will immediately captivate you with its elaborate carvings and grand spires. This architectural wonder is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and an ode to Portugal’s golden age.

Belém is also home to Lisbon’s iconic Belém Tower. It once served the purpose of fortification and defense of Lisbon, but today you can reach the top of this tower for an amazing bird’s-eye view of Tagus River and beyond.

Belém Tower

Mercado da Ribeira

This food market is one of the best places in Lisbon for both fresh produce as well as eateries. It is divided into two sections; one for some of the best fruits and vegetables in town, while the other contains modern restaurants and food stalls. You will get a chance to taste some great Portuguese wines and authentic local cuisines.

Feira da Ladra

If you really want to absorb this city’s vibes, visit Feira da Ladra for an authentic experience in this quirky flea market. Before you know it, you’ll be haggling over priceless antiques and eccentric trinkets. There are scores of stalls lining the sidewalks here and you never know what treasure you may find. Just be sure to get there early if you want to get the best bargains.

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