Top Things To Do In Porto (Portugal)

6 June 2019

This city in Portugal will pleasantly surprise you with its charming aura and winding streets. A walking tour of Porto is a great way to take in all the sights and sounds of this city, but here are a few must-see places that define this city’s rich history and culture:



Walk along the Ribeirinha Promenade for an amazing view of the Douro River and much more. This riverside district is a remnant of Porto’s medieval history and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are plenty of cafes where you can grab a bite and continue viewing the beautiful river, bridges and churches.

Wine tasting

Port Tour

While it has numerous landmarks to boast, Porto is perhaps best known around the world for its port wine. You can go on tours and enjoy tastings of various different types of wine at the cellars.

Rua de Santa Catarina

When it’s time for shopping, this is a great place to check out the shops for clothing and other items. However, this interesting pedestrian-dominated street has a lot more to offer than just shopping; you’ll love watching the various shows on display by street performers. Once you’re done buying things, visit Café Majestic for a meal in a stunning place. There are few cafes in the world that are as beautiful as this one.

Lello Bookshop

The exquisite beauty of this bookshop should be enough reason to make it a must-visit, but there is also another little fact that attracts visitors to this place: J.K. Rowling drew inspiration from this very bookshop when writing Harry Potter. Potterheads will be delighted to see the stunning stairway here that paved the way for the creation of Hogwarts.

Palacio de Cristal Gardens

There are plenty of wonders in these beautiful gardens that will leave you in awe. Not only does it contains huge trees, diverse flowers, and plants, it is also home to various birds and offers amazing views of Porto and Douro River. There are also hidden gems such as the 19th century King Charles Albert’s chapel to discover at the Crystal Gardens.

Foz de Porto

Visit the Douro Lighthouse or relax at the beautiful beaches in this spot. The 16th century Fort of Sao Joao Baptista is another landmark worth exploring here, which once offered protection from Spanish attacks at Douro River. A walk around Foz will allow you to enjoy scenic views and discover the various historically significant places of interest.

St. Francis Church

While there are many churches and cathedrals worth seeing in Porto, this one is not to be missed because of its astonishing beauty. This architectural wonder was created in the 14th century, with an interior of gilded wood which was built with 500 kilograms of pure gold. Additionally, don’t forget to visit Porto’s Cathedral and Carmo Church.

Casa de Musica

Music lovers can enjoy an evening of jazz, classical and other music genres at the various shows held here, but that is not the only reason you should visit this place. The building’s unique architecture is a work of art in itself as it is designed in such an intriguing way. You can take a tour to fully explore the concert halls and interior of Casa de Musica. Lastly, have a meal at the restaurant inside this building while enjoying the great views.

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