Why You Should Move To Portugal Right now

31 March 2019

Highly regarded as one of the countries with the most skilled fleet of exploring ships and captains during the middle ages, Portugal was for centuries one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Years of hardship, such as a devastating earthquake, to a string of political differences, and a financial crisis hitting the economy hard, Portugal is now a booming country with a growing economy.

Located on the outskirts of Europe, bordering Spain in the east, and the vast Atlantic Ocean in the west, filled with sunny days, beaches, excellent seafood, and wine. The pace of life is comfortable, and the warm and long summer makes for an almost 12 months a year sunny experience.

In the waters outside Portugal, the islands of Madeira, and the Azores makes for a different Portugal, with tropical rainforest and different food culture. Flights to and from Lisbon and Porto are plentiful and cheap.

As the country is small in size getting around is easy. You can live in the bustling metropole of the capital Lisbon and be on a beautiful beach within 30 min with a train. If you have a car, you can go to the national parks where the beaches compete in beauty with the Caribbean and the Pacific islands.

Portugal’s Seductiveness: A Sweet Mix Of Business & Pleasure

As a business hub, the country is located in the middle between Asia and the Americas. The airport in Lisbon is centrally located, and from anywhere downtown Lisbon you will be at the airport within 20 min.

The ocean is what makes Portugal unique. With the long coastline, you will have sleepy and beautiful villages all the way from South to North filled to the brim with excellent and fresh food from the fridge just outside the door. The ocean is filled with Fish, shellfish and the famous Polvo (octopus).

The long coastline with the shallow waters also makes Portugal an excellent spot for water action sports. Surfing is one of Portugal's best exports, and they have people from all over the world coming to Portugal to enjoy one of the world’s best waves, all year-round. In addition, the waves and the wind make it a super place for wind and kite surfing. If you are into Sailing, there is no lack of opportunities.

Other sports that Portugal is famous for is football (soccer), with a national team that won the European Championship in 2016 — And regarded as one of the all-time best players in the world, Madeira-born Cristiano Ronaldo is the most well-known Portuguese player.

Now Portugal is evolving, and more and more is invested in the infrastructure. The convenient metro in Lisbon is expanding, and new old torn down areas, such as Marvila and Beato are being revigorated to meet the demands of the 20th-century culture.

New, modern and exciting restaurants, bars, theatres, and cafes are opening up weekly. This combined with the classic Portuguese experiences makes Portugal a top-notch place to live.

Golden Visa

Due to the economic struggles of Portugal after the financial recessions in the 2000s, the government implemented a scheme to attract wealthy investors, such as the Golden Visa Program. There has to date been issued more than 5000 golden visas to non-EU nationals.

The Golden Visa Program was recognized as an excellent way to attract people with the means to invest in Portugal. It had its backsides, therefore recently Portugal developed a new Golden Visa Program, called the Golden Visa Investment Program.

If you want to experience Portugal now is perfect timing. Its low cost of living, being in EU, and the stable and warm climate makes for a good place for both businesses, young families, and retirees.

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